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soil types

We encounter in London many different soil types. Chalky, sandy and Clay Soil. Sometimes, particularly when excavating near underground river tributaries we also encounter water at as little as 400mm below ground. When this occurs we often have to Contiguous Pile before excavation can begin. 


logistics & design

Managing the logistics of a basement excavation in a Knightsbridge mews provided many issues.From meeting the requirements of multiple party wall awards to manoeuvering heavy plant and materials in confined spaces. Chelseabasements have years of experience.We can provide the professionals for all needs.Architect, Structural Engineer, Services consultant,Party wall surveyors, interior designers, health and safety consultants.




light,air & services

The use of light wells or walk on glass floors gives any basement a lot of natural light. Natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation where necessary compliment the light and feeling of spaciousness.Our services consultants are available to incorporate your electrical and mechanical requirements for whatever your needs.

temporary works

Propping is critical to successful basement excavation.
Our expert engineers digitally design and deliver modular bridging and temporary works for all our basements. This includes propping, jacking, ground works equipment and formwork and falsework systems.

fitting out & finishes

We provide skilled in house artisans to fit out all our basement contracts.
We take it from the initial groundworks and excavation right through to the final decoration. 
Our interior designers are comfortable in being involved at an early stage to ensure the most is made of the space, the only limitation is your imagination.